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Nakakaruizawa land for sale that can also be used for commercial purposes [Toriihara II subdivision ① section]

[Karuizawa Town Naka Karuizawa Area Toriihara II Subdivision]

Run your dream shop in Karuizawa! It is a rare land in Karuizawa where you can build a residential building with commercial uses such as a cafe/miscellaneous goods shop/pet salon/atelier/workshop/villa rental/co-working space. As it is a Class 1 residential area, it has a building coverage ratio of 60% and a floor area ratio of 200%, allowing for a high degree of freedom in planning without worrying about building scale.

It stands out from the National Highway Bypass and is in an extremely convenient location, a 9-minute walk from Tsuruya. In recent years, it has become a rare property in a popular area that is suitable not only for permanent residence but also for vacation homes due to its convenient location within walking distance of the station, government office, school, and supermarket.


[Sales conditions] Land with construction conditions

The land sales contract for this property will become effective on the condition that a construction contract is concluded with the seller, Forest Corporation, within three months of the conclusion of the contract. If the construction contract is not concluded, the land sales contract will be declared invalid and all deposits received will be promptly returned without interest.

  • Land overview

    Location: Part of 3792-21 Nagakura, Karuizawa Town

    Access: Approximately 2.1km from Nakakaruizawa Station (6 minutes by car)

    Land type: Field (Agricultural land conversion permitted)

    Land area:  704.96㎡ (213.25 tsubo)

    Access road: Building Standards Act Article 43, Section 2 road (4m width)

    Delivery: End of January 2023

    Notes: Land with construction conditions

  • legal restrictions

    Building coverage ratio: 60%    

    Floor area ratio  : 200%

    Urban planning:  Non-delineated areas        

    Zoning: Class 1 residential area

    Height restriction: 10m or less (up to 2 stories)

       Retreat        : North road setback 5m / South road setback 2m / Adjacent land setback 1m

    Landslide  :  Outside area

    Others  : Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance / Karuizawa Town Nature Conservation Measures Outline

  • Facility

    Electricity: Chubu Electric Power Gas: Individual propane

    Water: Municipal water supply Sewerage: Septic tank

      ※Waterworks subscription fee 132,000 yen

  • others

    Number of plots for sale: 1 plot

    Creation completion date: November 30, 2022

    Possible delivery date    : End of January 2023

    Transaction type    : Seller

    Information registration date: December 28, 2022

    Information updated: December 28, 2022

    Real estate license number: Nagano Prefecture Governor (1) No. 5812

    Affiliated organization:    : National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association, a public interest incorporated association

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