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Adjacent to the Karuizawa community facility operated by CCC,
Producing a third office! !

Karuizawa Town Common Grounds corporate villa third office site A section

Nakakaruizawa area [Land sales start for 1 plot]

A section for corporate villas onlyRecruitment has started

Community facility opened on March 1, 2023『Karuizawa Commongrounds』This is a plot of land for sale in the third office area adjacent to . A new spot in Naka Karuizawa that is highly convenient and has easy access to popular tourist areas It is attracting attention. This sale is subject to the construction condition of section A in the exclusive area for use as a corporate villa.

​≪Third office concept≫
Because we live in an era where remoteness is emphasized, we need a place to meet in real life, gather as a team, and create new value, separate from the headquarters in urban areas. The environment for a strong organization and team that supports your business is all available at Karuizawa Third Office.  
Choice of work style: city center office ⇔ work from home ⇔ local office! ! This is an office strategy that creates innovation and supports corporate growth. *Thirdoffice is a trademark of Forest Corporation.

≪Sales conditions≫
・Companies considering third office construction
・The land is subject to our construction conditions.
Companies that agree with the “Karuizawa Commongrounds” management policy

≪Karuizawa Commongrounds  About ​  lightKo Izawamongrounds

In the forest of Karuizawa, there are bookstores, cafes,international school,coworking spaceA complex facility dotted with such things will have its grand opening in the Naka Karuizawa area on March 1, 2023! ! Developed and operated by TSUTAYACulture Convenience Club (CCC, Tokyo) is a bookstore chain that operates books such as... ⇒ Click here for press release information

Karuizawa Common Grounds

​Land sales price

170,000,000 yen


Site area


483.38 tsubo

Estimated building price

3hundred million5000Ten thousand yen

(tax included)

Estimated building area


130.00 tsubo


Karuizawa Commongrounds layout plan

In Karuizawa Forest, the elements of everyday lifestyle such as working, learning, playing, trading, and staying are connected, and the future creation such as the development of human resources and industry,

A facility that aims to create a sustainable local community that will lead to regional revitalization. Third offices are clustered around it.


office image

An open LDK and dirt floor salon that connect to the forest.The interior has solid wood floors, walls finished with diatomaceous earth, and all natural materials that give you a warm and soft feel. On the other hand, we offer stylish office designs, such as incorporating heavy tiles, natural wood panels, and vertical lattices on the walls.


office image

The atrium above the living room is accented with structural materials and natural wood beams, creating an impressively dynamic space.
The accommodation space can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time during your breaks from work.

Sales plot map

Building layout plan

Assumed plan N building 1F

Estimated reference plan 1st floor

Assumed plan N building 2F

Estimated reference plan 2nd floor

Property Description

Address: 3660-3, 1890-3, 3640-3 Oaza Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun

Transportation Shinano Railway Nakakaruizawa Station1.1km14 minutes walk, 4.5km from JR Karuizawa Station, 10 minutes by car

Structure: 2-story wooden framework + Airpass solar construction method

Land type Residential land

Use zone     Class 1 residential area

Building coverage ratio 60%

Floor area ratio 200%

Facilities     Municipal water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas (individual propane)

School district: Chubu Elementary School (2.1 km, 26 minutes walk), Karuizawa Junior High School (1.3 km, 13 minutes walk)

Others: No private road charges

Road    North side road, east side road

Others Article 22 area of the Act,Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance,Karuizawa Town Nature Conservation Measures Outline

Building retreat Road 2m Adjacent land 1m

Current status     Completed

Possible delivery date: April 2023 or later, negotiable

Seller Forest Corporation Co., Ltd.

License number: Nagano Prefectural Governor (1) No. 5812

Information registration date January 25, 2023

Information update date January 25, 2023

​Affiliated organization   National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association

To all business owners
A villa built by a corporation  The choice of Third office

Choosing a corporate villa is not only for tax savings and asset management, but also for the development of your company by refreshing the management and family, and sometimes by building strong relationships with important colleagues, employees, and business partners. Connect to. A third office is a strategic base for the new office era that companies will need in the future! !

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