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軽井沢別荘 実例外観


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​Another place just for us to spend luxurious time

Satisfied days in Shinshu/Karuizawa

"SECOND BASE" puts you in a space and time different from your daily life and resets your mind and body.
Another place to improve your sanity and connect with loved ones.

In Shinshu, a land of beautiful mountains and blessed with clean water, air, and soil.
Owning a ``SECOND BASE'' is a luxury that only the chosen ones can achieve.

Enjoy the terrace in summer and the fireplace in winter.
Using plenty of natural wood,
The light and wind of Shinshu
Plenty of space


A dirt floor salon where you can enjoy Karuizawa

dynamic nature
family and friends
A weekend spent with loved ones

open living room

Outdoors. sports
DIY, cooking
Enjoy your hobbies to the fullest
your own secret base


party kitchen

Make your dreams come true. Have a heart-filled day in Karuizawa.

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night view
A place to immerse yourself in your hobbies
night time
A home that connects families no matter where they are
Doma salon where you can enjoy your hobbies
A house that incorporates nature in Shinshu Karuizawa

We want to create ``things, things, and times'' and deliver ``homes where people can enjoy Shinshu'' to more people.

We have provided over 1,500 "Studio Shinshu Houses" throughout Nagano Prefecture under the theme of "A heart-rich home where you can enjoy Shinshu." Unlike homes built on small plots of land in the city center, in Shinshu you can build a spacious home on a moderately sized plot of land, where you can enjoy sunlight, wind, and landscapes such as the mountains and trees of the Alps.

and we are
A house where you can live in harmony with the nature of Shinshu, using materials from Shinshu.
``Koto'' Stories that can be encountered by building a house, such as going into the forest and selecting and cutting down trees.
``Toki'' A fun time to gather with family and friends at home, such as at the Doma Salon
Many people have created a home where they can enjoy Shinshu.

We have announced "Karuizawa SECOND BASE" in order to deliver this fun and joy not only to those living in Shinshu but also to those living in the city.

I would like to maintain my base in the city, build a new base in Shinshu, and enjoy life while traveling back and forth between the city and Shinshu. I want to move away from the city and move to Shinshu to fully enjoy life in Shinshu. I want to have a villa in Shinshu and spend luxurious time inviting family, friends, and even special guests.

We would like to deliver "Karuizawa SECOND BASE/Second Pace" to these people.

Why not try “enjoying life in Shinshu”!
We, who know everything about Shinshu, will do our best to help you.

Forest Corporation Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hitoshi Ozawa

Representative photo

from Tokyo70Karuizawa Exhibition Hall
“Hibiki-Kyou-Model House”We look forward to seeing you there.

Villa exterior
villa with fireplace
Villa with bar
party kitchen
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