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Kruizawa Life with pet

Living with your pet in a villa in Karuizawa

Overflowing to petsWhy not express your love by building a villa in Karuizawa?

A story of life in Karuizawa, Shinshu, told with your beloved dog and cat.

Forest Corporation will help you get started.

Why dog lovers choose a vacation home in Karuizawa



The spacious land is
Ideal for large dogs and multiple pets

In the city, you don't often see people walking around with large dogs or many dogs. It seems that walking in a city with lots of cars and people is quite difficult. On that point, Karuizawa has quiet residential areas and forests just one street away. There are even dog lovers who move to Karuizawa because they want to keep multiple dogs.

obedience training


In a cool climate even in midsummer,
Full of energy and overjoyed!

Dogs and cats wear fur all year round and can only sweat from the soles of their feet, so they don't like heat and humidity very well.The altitude of Resort Karuizawa is approximately 1000m, even in the height of summer.The average temperature here is 5 to 8 degrees lower than in Tokyo, and the mornings and evenings are cool enough to feel cool under the shade of the trees. It is also perfect for walking in parks, rivers, forests, and mountains.

dog run

Point 3

Enrichment of interaction between pet owners and stores/facilities

Karuizawa has many natural parks and popular spots that are popular for walking courses, and is also a place for pet owners to interact with each other. There are plenty of stores, facilities, and pet specialty stores where you can bring your pet, and we're sure you'll be able to spend a happy and happy day watching your child grow and grow.

Key points to create a space where your pet can live with peace of mind

Hanging out with my dog

​Relax space
“Doma Salon”

The dirt floor salon is ideal next to the spacious LDK where dogs and people can spend time together. We propose a space where you can spend your time comfortably with just the right distance without feeling too close to each other. The floor of the dirt floor salon has a tile finish. It's cool in the summer, and if you choose a tile with an uneven surface, it won't be slippery and comfortable. Another benefit is that it is easy to clean if it gets dirty.

It's comfortable because it has underfloor heating.
​I love showering too!

The dirt floor salon is warm even in winter with floor heating!

​Furthermore, it is safe to use water, so we recommend installing a shower sink, for example, as a place to wash your feet. A dirt floor salon with a "muddy space" that is laid out so that you can take a shower immediately after returning from a walk. We offer spaces that your pet will enjoy.

play with your dog
A place for your dog to relax
dog run

exercise space
​Dog run

Dogs can relax on the deck that is directly connected to the living room and garden. We recommend a space with plenty of room for trimming.For dog runs where your dog can run around, make it easier to maintain the condition by laying down wild grass that is trample-resistant and has natural growth potential.

play on deck

I like high places

The spacious floor plan of ``Kobo Shinshu House'' is a plan that cats will love, with plenty of space both vertically and horizontally. You can also use the cat tower and atrium to get to the second floor without using the stairs, making it perfect for cats who like to move vertically.Move freely depending on your mood!A comfortable home for cats who live at their own pace.

cat's place
cat house

I feel safe when I have an enclosed area.

Cats also love small spaces. Sometimes I find myself in tight spaces where I wonder how I got there.    If you secure a well-enclosed place where you can relax and build storage furniture above, you can neatly store goods and food.

with the cat

​ Examples of ways to enjoy life with pets

Entrance storage space

There are a variety of dog goods to use outside, such as harnesses, leashes, carrier bags, and toys.

Leave a large shoe closet next to the entrance. Because it's an extraordinary villa, you want to hide it neatly without cluttering it up.

Entrance storage

Comfortable natural woodflooring

As a pet-friendly flooring material,

We recommend unpainted natural wood such as chestnut or wild cherry that is compatible with underfloor heating. legs, hips and bodyEco-friendly natural materialsIt gives a feeling of tranquility and warmth.It is also good to partially use tiles, cork, or short-pile carpet.


as much as possiblesliding door

A medium-sized dog may be able to lean on the handle and open the door himself. We recommend using sliding doors to reduce this possibility. It can also be equipped with a lock for added security.


Deodorizing measures with wall materials

Walls and ceilings are painted with diatomaceous earth as standard. It exhibits the functions of humidity control, deodorization, and VOC adsorption/decomposition. In addition, wall materials such as ``Ecocarat'' come in a variety of designs and are effective as interior accents.

Painted wall with deodorizing effect

Legs as they areGo straight to the washroom

After playing outside with your dog, your dog's paws will inevitably get dirty.Therefore, install a dog paw washing area or shower sink next to the entrance or in the garden. We also recommend installing it in a dirt floor salon.

Washroom near the entrance

In the atriumcatwalk

A catwalk has been set up in the atrium for cats who love heights and need to move up and down. It can also be used as an interior accent, creating an environment where your cat can roam freely.


​We invite guests to dinner parties on the weekends.

​ Cherish the "time and space" with your loved ones.

A spacious wooden deck connected to the living room/salon.

Enjoy your daily life at the villa.

You can live with your pet now!
Recommended​Introducing newly built villas

deck terrace
Shinano Oiwake house overlooking the majestic Mt. Asama II
Karuizawa rental area 59,000,000 yen

*Completed in July 2022

The land is located on a gentle, sunny slope facing south, and if you face north you can enjoy the changing views of Mt. Asama throughout the four seasons.vinegar.

Exterior image
Karuizawa Rental Ⅳ East
Rental area [100,000,000 yen]

​ *Completed in March 2022

With a spacious site of 200 tsubo in a quiet residential area with beautiful trees, it is a convenient rental area suitable for both a vacation home and a permanent residence.
Your dog will be delighted at the dog run at Fureai Park, a 3-minute walk away.

A stately stone mansion
Nanbara I-D
Nanbara area [108,000,000 yen]

*Scheduled to be completed in December 2023

We designed a stately and stylish mansion with an impressive stone-clad and large roof exterior that blends in with the landscape of Karuizawa on a 170-tsubo site in the highly branded Nanbara Villa Area.  

See other properties

For those looking for land

Panoramic view of the condominium
Minamibara/Shiozawa area 4 lots for sale
2 lots left: 21,500,000 yen~

*Completed and ready for construction

Great location, 13 minutes walk to Tsuruya supermarket.
It is a flat area surrounded by nature and has plenty of sunlight.

Panoramic view of Kosan villa area.png
[Contracted] Remote mountain area Kozan villa area
50,000,000 yen 191.47 tsubo

​ *Prepared, ready for immediate construction

This is a rare property in a popular area that is convenient not only for vacation homes but also for permanent residence, as it is within walking distance of the station, government office, school, and supermarket.

Toriihara II land panoramic view
Nakakaruizawa area Toriibara II subdivision ① section
29,900,000 yen 213.25 tsubo

*Completed and ready for construction

It is a Class 1 residential area, allowing for highly flexible planning with a building coverage ratio of 60% and a floor area ratio of 200%.

Information on spots in Karuizawa that you can enjoy with your dog! !

Karuizawa animal hospital


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◆atTerrace Karuizawa Gardenfarm

dog tourism

Karuizawa dog tourism promotion project

This is a project established by the Karuizawa Tourism Association to properly promote dog tourism in Karuizawa. Click here for a wealth of information on how to spend time with your pet

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Lunch at Doma Salon

Our staff will guide you when viewing the property. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, such as building a villa, relocating, or living in Shinshu.

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