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Old Inn A Midorigaoka Villa Area
Nakakaruizawa area

A home where you can enjoy a luxurious weekend in a dirt floor salon

[Reservation negotiation in progress]Completion/delivery date: February 2022

 The Naka-Karuizawa Kita (old inn) area is conveniently located, 5 minutes by car from Naka-Karuizawa Station and Harunire Terrace. The exterior has a stylish exterior design with a roof that flows to the south, blending in with the forest landscape within the Midorigaoka Villa area.

Even in the same day, there are times when you feel active, times when you want to be healed, times when you want to relax, and times when you want to shut yourself up and work. Enjoy your time at a place that suits your mood while staying at home.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫

Wood stove / Underfloor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (solid floor / Diatomaceous earth coating on inner wall) / Dirt floor salon / Study / Atrium / Walk-in closet / Built-in furniture / Island kitchen / IH cooking heater / Dish washer / Dryer / Spacious pantry / Double room Layered glass / Good sunlight / Garage with roof for 2 cars / Outside storage / Wood deck 16tatami

Property introduction video

​ Housing price for sale

Contract completed

​ (tax included)

Floor plan


Dirt floor salon/garage

Site area


156.25 tsubo

Building construction area


52.59 tsubo



In the dining room, there is a shelf along the wall where you can place books and photos. A small window bench is also recommended.



We paid special attention to the design of the window that connects the dirt floor salon and the wood deck. Sunlight streams in through the windows that extend up to the second floor, brightening up the entire room.



There is a sofa in the living room, and a natural wood latticework is placed on the ceiling as an accent. This is where you want to relax.



It is a connected space with no unnecessary partitions. The upper part of the dirt floor salon has an open ceiling. There is a wood stove in the dirt floor salon, so if you want to relax, we recommend spending time in this place while watching the fire.

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