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FUrujyukuB Midorigaoka Villa Area
Nakakaruizawa area

Natural wood and stone house

[Contract concluded] Completion/delivery date: March 2022

 The Naka-Karuizawa Kita (old inn) area is conveniently located, 5 minutes by car from Naka-Karuizawa Station and Harunire Terrace. It is a spacious site of 300 tsubo in a grove of trees within the Midorigaoka villa area. We designed a mansion with a distinctive stone and board-clad garage that blends in with the forest landscape.

≪ Concept ≫
A ``guest house with a Earthen floor bar'' will be created where you can invite your precious family and friends and share an extraordinary and luxurious time and space. In addition to the owner's space on the first floor, the guest room on the second floor also has its own water area.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫

Wood burning stove / Floor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (solid floor / diatomaceous earth coating on inner walls) / Earthen floor salon / Dirt floor BAR / 2-car garage / Atrium / Walk-in closet / High-quality furniture included / Bathrooms on each floor / Island kitchen / IH Cooking heater/dishwasher/dryer/spacious pantry/double glazing/Good sunlight/wooden deck with roof/outdoor storage

​ Housing price for sale

Contract concluded

​ (tax included)

Floor plan


Earthen floor salon/garage

Site area


302.51 tsubo

Building construction area


71.38 tsubo



A dynamic and open LDK and dirt floor space created by solid rising beams and pillars. In addition, a large wooden deck of about 9 tatami mats extends from the Earthen floor salon.



The LDK on the first floor and the Earthen floor salon have an area of 37 tatami mats.The interior is stylishly finished with solid wood floors, walls finished with diatomaceous earth, and plenty of natural materials. We plan to tile some of the walls as an accent.



The structural material of the slanted ceiling that extends above the living room sofa has an impressive natural wood rising beam as an accent. A relaxing and luxurious time


Salon Bar

A stylish Earthen floor bar with natural wood paneling and heavy stone lining. Enjoy a night in Karuizawa with drinks.

Property Description

所在地     軽井沢町大字長倉

交通      しなの電鉄 中軽井沢駅 1.9km 車5分 

構造      木造軸組2階建 + エアパスソーラー工法

地目      山林・原野

用途地域    第一種低層住居専用地域

建ぺい率    30% ※敷地の一部が緩衝地域の為、面積按分により算定必要

容積率     50% ※敷地の一部が緩衝地域の為、面積按分により算定必要

建築承認番号  21NJU-10-00261

性能取得    長期優良住宅認定通知書/設計性能評価書/建設性能評価書

設備      電気、ガス(個別プロパン)、町営上水道、浄化槽

学校区     中部小学校、軽井沢中学校

ほか      私道負担なし

道路      北西側接道 約4.0m公道 、間口 約2mに接道 

その他     法第22条区域、長野県景観条例、緩衝地域(軽井沢町自然保護対策要綱

建物後退    道路5m 隣地3m かつ 建物高さの1/2

現状      工事中

入居可能時期  2022年3月以降 応相談

売主      株式会社フォレストコーポレーション

免許番号    長野県知事(12)第1778号

情報登録日   2021年9月1日

情報更新日   2022年3月26日

​所属団体    公益社団法人全国宅地建物取引業保証協会

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