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Minamigaoka II
Minamigaoka/Minamihra area

​​ Turn the extraordinary into everyday life in the finest space

[Contract signed] Completion/delivery date: Mid-March 2021

The Minamigaoka area is a popular villa area surrounded by greenery, centered around the Karuizawa Golf Club. Surrounded by forests, it's the perfect place to spend the summer, and the atmosphere is just like the summer resort of Karuizawa. Due to its flat land and excellent convenience, this area is attracting attention not only as a summer getaway but also for those looking to settle down. Good access from Minamigaoka makes it very convenient for sightseeing and living.

≪ Concept ≫
This is an elegant house designed to harmonize with the rich nature, with a solid carport made of stone-like tiles and a contrasting brown and white exterior to create a calm atmosphere. To create a more private space, we have installed a carport in front of the entrance that naturally blocks the view from the road. ``People gather and every day becomes fun and lively, like a house party.'' From the kitchen to the living room, the Earthen floor salon, and the garden, we created a large space with as few walls as possible.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫
Wood stove / Floor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (Solid floor / Inner wall painted with diatomaceous earth) / Earthen floor salon /   Shoe cloakroom / 2-car garage / Atrium / Walk-in closet / High quality furniture included / Built-in bathroom over 1 tsubo / Island kitchen / Pantry (tableware and food storage) / IH cooking heater / Dish washer/dryer / Double-glazed glass / Library corner

​ Housing price for sale

Contract completed

​ (tax included)

Floor plan


Earthen floor salon/garage

​Site area


159.11 tsubo

​Building construction area


55.05 tsubo



When choosing a home, it is important to make sure that it has great amenities like these from the beginning. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone. We are also accepting reservations for tours at any time.



Enjoy your meal while feeling the nature of Karuizawa in the spacious Earthen-floored salon that gently connects the inside of the house and the garden.






Whether it's a rainy day or a cold winter day, it's a space where you can relax while enjoying the scenery of the four seasons throughout the year.



On the 2nd floor, there are two 8 tatami private rooms in addition to the common space. Each room has a walk-in closet.

Minamigaoka II layout map


​Land area:526㎡  / 159.11 tsubo  

Floor plan:    3LDK + Earthen floor salon

1st floor area: 113.44㎡

2nd floor area:   49.68㎡

Garage:   20.37㎡ *2 cars

Total: 183.49㎡/55.05 tsubo

Property Description

Address: 681-36 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi

TransportationJR Karuizawa Station 3.0km 7 minutes by car

Structure: 2-story wooden framework + Airpass solar construction method

Land type Residential land

Use zone    Type 1 low-rise residential area

Building coverage ratio 30%

Floor area ratio 50%

Building approval number 20NJU-10-01208

Performance acquisition   Long-term quality housing certification notification/design performance evaluation report/construction performance evaluation report

Equipment: Electricity, gas (individual propane), municipal water supply, septic tank

School district: Chubu Elementary School, Karuizawa Junior High School

Others: No private road charges

Road: East side access road: approximately 7.0m public road, frontage: approximately 16.4m.

Others Article 22 area of the Act,Former residential land according to Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance and Karuizawa Ordinance(Karuizawa Town Nature Conservation Measures Outline)

Building setback  road 5m, adjacent land 3m and 1/2 of building height

Current status: Under construction

Possible move-in period: After March 2022 Negotiable

Seller Forest Corporation Co., Ltd.

License number: Nagano Prefectural Governor (12) No. 1778

Information registration date: September 1, 2021

Information update date February 18, 2022

​Affiliated organization   National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association

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