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Shinano Oiwake House I
Rental area

A home overlooking the majestic Mt. Asama

[Contract concluded]Completion/delivery date: March 2022

Located just 5 minutes walk from Shinano Oiwake Station. Three new condominiums are under construction in a rental area suitable for both permanent residence and vacation homes.
The land is located on a gentle, sunny slope facing south, and if you look north you can enjoy the changing views of Mt. Asama throughout the seasons.

You can see Mt. Asama from the ``Doma Salon,'' a space that connects the outside and inside of the house. Solid wood floors, walls finished with diatomaceous earth, and a warm interior that uses plenty of natural materials are accented with wood cladding on some walls and ceilings, creating a simple yet interesting space.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫
Wood stove / Floor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (solid floor / Diatomaceous earth coating on inner wall) / Dirt floor salon / Atrium / Walk-in closet / 2nd floor free space / Face-to-face kitchen / IH cooking heater / Dishwasher/dryer / Double-glazed glass / Good sunlight/covered wooden deck

​ Housing price for sale

Contract completed

​ (tax included)

Floor plan


Doma salon

Site area


105.85 tsubo + aisle 20.6 tsubo

Building construction area


37.81 tsubo


Kitchen / Dining

The design allows for a view of Mt. Asama from any location in the dirt floor salon, living/dining room, kitchen on the 1st floor, common space on the 2nd floor, and Western-style rooms.



It is a space where you can take a deep breath, using plenty of natural materials such as natural wood and diatomaceous earth.



It is an open space with no unnecessary partitions.



We moved to a dirt floor salon and had a relaxing time. It is a special place where people gather in a spacious space and share fun and excitement.

Layout diagram_page-0001.jpg


​Land area: 349.92㎡ / 105.85 tsubo 

                       + Passage 68.1㎡ (20.6 tsubo)

Floor plan: 3LDK + S + dirt floor salon


1st floor area:   62.10㎡

2nd floor area:   48.02㎡

Deck:   14.90㎡ *Roof terrace

Total: 125.02㎡ / 37.81 tsubo

Property Description

Location: Oaza Nagakura, Karuizawa Town

Transportation Shinano Electric Railway Shinano OiwakeStation: Approximately 56m, 7 minutes walk

Structure: 2-story wooden framework + Airpass solar construction method

Land type Residential land

Use zone    Class 1 residential area

Building coverage ratio 60%

Floor area ratio 200%

Building approval number 21NJU-10-00589

Performance acquisition   Long-term quality housing certification notification/design performance evaluation report/construction performance evaluation report

Equipment: Electricity, gas (individual propane), municipal water supply, septic tank

School district: Western Elementary School, Karuizawa Junior High School

Others: No private road charges

Road: South side access road approximately 5.0m public road, frontage approximately 2.5m access road

Others Article 22 area of the Act,Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance,Karuizawa Town Nature Conservation Measures Outline

Building setback   Road 2m Adjacent land 1m

Current status: Under construction

Possible move-in period: After March 2022 Negotiable

Seller Forest Corporation Co., Ltd.

License number: Nagano Prefectural Governor (12) No. 1778

Information registration date: September 1, 2021

Information update date: December 18, 2021

​Affiliated organization   National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association

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