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Minamigaoka I
Minamigaoka area

​​ Turn the extraordinary into everyday life in the finest space

[Contract signed] Completion/delivery date: October 2021

The Minamigaoka area is a popular villa area surrounded by greenery, centered around the Karuizawa Golf Club. Surrounded by forests, it's the perfect place to spend the summer, and the atmosphere is just like the summer resort of Karuizawa. Due to its flat land and excellent convenience, this area is attracting attention not only as a summer getaway but also for those looking to settle down. Good access from Minamigaoka makes it very convenient for sightseeing and living.

≪ Concept ≫
This property has an LDK with a Earthen floor salon, 4 private rooms, and a carport for 1 car. On the 1st floor, enter through the entrance and there is a dirt floor salon connected to the dining/living room and kitchen, and there is also one guest room. Furthermore, on the first floor there is a bathroom, sanitary room, pantry, and laundry room. The second floor has a large free space, a master bedroom, and two guest rooms, and the master bedroom has a large storage closet.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫
Wood burning stove / Underfloor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (solid floor / Diatomaceous earth coating on inner wall) / Earthen floor salon /  Shoe cloakroom / 1-car carport / Atrium / Walk-in closet / Comes with high-quality furniture / Built-in bathroom over 1 tsubo / Island Kitchen / Pantry (tableware and food storage) / IH cooking heater / Dish washer/dryer / Double-glazed glass / Library corner / Balcony / Pet paw washing area/shower

​ Housing price for sale

Contract completed

​ (tax included)

Floor plan


Earthen floor salon/garage

​Site area


151.85 tsubo

​Building construction area


57.20 tsubo

Minamigaoka layout map


​Land area:502㎡  / 151.85 tsubo  

Floor plan:    4LDK + Earthen floor salon

1st floor area: 94.50㎡

2nd floor area: 60.59㎡

Garage: 26.67㎡ *1 car

Balcony   7.35㎡

Total:   189.11㎡  /  57.2 tsubo

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