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雄大な浅間山を望む家 夕暮れ
八ヶ岳 夕暮れ
雄大な浅間山を望む 書斎より
浅間山 外観

A house in Shinano Oiwake overlooking the majestic Mt. Asama and Mt. Yatsugatake.
Kariyado area

Shinano Oiwake house rented accommodation Ⅲ-③

[Contract completed] Completed at the end of November 2022

Just a 7-minute walk from Shinano-Oiwake Station, there is a newly built property in a popular Kriyado area with views of the majestic Mt. Asama and Mt. Yatsugatake.
It was born! Located on a sunny, gentle south-facing slope, you can see Mt. Yatsugatake to the south, and the majestic Mt. Asama to the north as the seasons change.
Enjoy the luxurious view of Shinshu.

A carport for one car is installed on the east side of the building, and the roof that connects to the entrance and deck terrace is distinctive. A private spacious garden has been secured on the south side of the building. On the large wooden deck connected to the earthen floor salon, you can have breakfast in nature or invite friends over for tea time or BBQ.

≪ Equipment/Features ≫
Wood stove / Floor heating / Air conditioner / Use of natural materials (solid floor / Diatomaceous earth coating on inner wall) / Earthen floor salon / Atrium / Walk-in closet / 2nd floor free space / Face-to-face kitchen / IH cooking heater / Dishwasher/dryer / Spacious pantry / Double room Layered glass / Good sunlight / Wooden deck with roof / 1 carport with roof

​ Housing price for sale

Contract completed

​ (tax included)

Floor plan

2LDK + earthen floor

​Doma Salon

Site area


121.01 tsubo

Building construction area


42.38 tsubo



The living/dining room, fireplace space, and dirt floor salon are connected to the island-style kitchen.



By using it together with the Earthen floor salon, you can host a luxurious home party with a large number of people.



A relaxing living room with a fireplace space. You can see the majestic Mt. Asama from the large north window.



A relaxing living room with a fireplace space. You can see the majestic Mt. Asama from the large north window.



We moved to a dirt floor salon and had a relaxing time. It is a special place where people gather in a spacious space and share fun and excitement.

[Under negotiation] Property overview

Location: Oaza Nagakura, Karuizawa Town, Rented accommodation

Transportation Shinano Electric Railway Shinano OiwakeStation: Approximately 56m, 7 minutes walk

Structure: 2-story wooden framework + Airpass solar construction method

Land type Residential land

Use zone    Class 1 residential area

Building coverage ratio 60%

Floor area ratio 200%

Building approval number

Performance acquisition   Long-term quality housing certification notification/design performance evaluation report/construction performance evaluation report

Equipment: Electricity, gas (individual propane), municipal water supply, septic tank

School district: Western Elementary School, Karuizawa Junior High School

Others: No private road charges

Road: South side access road approximately 5.0m public road, frontage approximately 17.55m access road

Others Article 22 area of the Act,Nagano Prefecture Landscape Ordinance,Karuizawa Town Nature Conservation Measures Outline

Building setback   Road 2m Adjacent land 1m

Current status: Under construction

Possible move-in period: After the end of December 2022 Immediately possible

Other necessary expenses: Water supply fee 132,000 yen, display/preservation registration fee, fixed asset tax settlement money (starting date: April 1st)

Seller Forest Corporation Co., Ltd.

License number: Nagano Prefectural Governor (1) No. 5812

Information registration date December 1, 2021

Information update date January 8, 2024

​Affiliated organization   National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association

For a villa in Karuizawa, it is important to have sunlight and prevent humidity.


Karuizawa's winter clear sky rate is 90%!

Sunlight is important for living at an altitude of 1,000 meters

By having good sunlight, you can protect yourself from the humidity in the summer and the cold in the winter, which are unique to Karuizawa. You can create a clean home that allows moisture to escape and is mold-free, and a warm home that does not rely on heating during the winter days. With a location, floor plan, and insulation performance that efficiently let in sunlight, we offer homes that allow you to stay warm during winter in Karuizawa, even without heating during the day.

Clear sky rate

The annual average humidity in Karuizawa is 80%! ?

Dense forests have poor ventilation.

The annual average humidity in Karuizawa is over 80%. Especially from June to October, the humidity is high, making it easy for mold to grow. During this season, there may be a musty smell coming from somewhere in the villa area. In the summer, there is poor ventilation, making it easy for mold to grow. That's why it is essential to take measures to prevent moisture and mold in your home. In addition, in dense forests, sunlight does not reach the area, so heating is required not only in winter, but also in spring, autumn, and day and night.


In the humid Karuizawa
“Airpass solar construction method” is suitable

"Warmth like the sun" without worrying about humidity or condensation

Airpass's winter mode creates air flow within the walls by bringing in the warm sunlight into the house and collecting solar heat on the roof and walls. It completely envelops the wall with a layer of warm air, and is effective in preventing condensation and mold inside the walls due to moisture. With an Airpass home, you can stay away for a long timeYou can feel safe using this villa! ! Protects asset value over the long term.

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