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Karuizawa single-family rental house with garden [FWV Karuizawa Yukawa A/D buildings]

Karuizawa single-family rental house with garden [FWV Karuizawa Yukawa Building A]

Ready to move in! ◆1 minute walk to Tsuruya Yukawa Furusato Park◆

A single-family rental house created in March 2021. Of the 9 buildings, there is now a vacancy in Building A! Ready to move in!
Each unit has a dirt floor salon and a spacious garden. Karuizawa's first "Forest Wing Villa" where you can enjoy BBQ in the trees while overlooking Mt. Asama!
Please also use it for "trial migration"* to Karuizawa! !
Why not take this opportunity to start living in Karuizawa! ?

  • ◆Property overview◆

    Property location Karuizawa Town, facing Yukawa Furusato Park and Tsuruya
    price 220,000 yen/monthly rent
    school district Chubu Elementary School
    Facility Equipped with a dirt floor salon (floor heating), internet access, pets allowed
    traffic Tsuruya 400m (5 minutes walk), Naka-Karuizawa Station 1.7km (5 minutes by car), Karuizawa Station 4.8km (10 minutes by car), Chubu Elementary School 1.2km (17 minutes by walk), Kazakoshi Gakuen 2.8km (5 minutes by car)
    Information registration date 2023.12.01
    Floor plan 3LDK + dirt floor salon
    Exclusive area 82.09㎡
    Management fees/common expenses -
    security deposit 2 months (3 months if you have a pet)
    key money 1 month
    Number of buildings Of the 9 buildings, buildings A and D
    Age 2021.3.1
  • ◆Recommended points◆

    ①  The popular  Yukawa Park/Tsuruya Karuizawa store  is nearby! ! 1 minute walk. 

    ②  At Karuizawa Station Shinkansen commuting Also convenient for access to Kazakoshi Gakuen.

     Equipped with a dirt floor salon!  If you go out to the private garden from the salon, you can enjoy a "BBQ party" without worrying about the neighbors.

    ④ The north room on the 2nd floor (ideal for a study/work space) has an outstanding view of Mt. Asama! !

    ⑤  Pets are allowed in all buildings! ! Enjoy life in Karuizawa with your beloved dog or cat. *The dirt floor salon has  floor heating so pets are welcome too!

    ⑥  Equipped with Internet Unlimited use! It is possible to work from home in Karuizawa without stress.

  • ◆Equipment conditions◆


    ■ Pet consultation ■ 2 people available ■ For newlyweds ■ For families ■ Good location

    ■Indoor washing machine storage ■ With loft ■ Balcony ■ Propane gas ■ Septic tank drainage ■ Electricity available

    ■ IH cooking heater ■ 2 or more stoves ■ System kitchen ■ Face-to-face kitchen 

    ■Separate bath and toilet ■ Reheating function bathroom ■ Bathroom dryer ■ Warm water bidet toilet seat ■ Wash basin ■ Independent wash basin

    ■Air conditioner ■ Gas heating ■ Walk-in closet  ■ Shoe box ■ Ample storage

  • ◆Available period to move in◆

    Building A: Ready to move in immediately

    Building D: Available for move-in from January 1, 2024

    *Others are fully booked

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